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Machine Shop Teesside, Humberside and Midlands

Machine shop services, components designed or reverse engineered by our in-house team using milling, turning, vertical and horizontal boring and CNC lathes.

Source: Machine Shop Teesside, Humberside and Midlands

I’ve worked with Intelect for almost 15 years now, providing them with website design, branding development, printed marketing material and exhibition displays.

Intelect are one of Teesside’s success stories and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

An engineering firm with extensive experience providing engineering expertise to process industries involved in food & beverages, manufacturing, utilities, heavy industry and renewable energy.

Intelect have an excellent reputation for delivering projects within time and budget whilst maintaining the highest standards in health and safety.

Working with market leading companies in both the UK and abroad Intelect are continually investing in both staff and facilities to evolve in line with their customers’ requirements.

Visit their website to see more about Intelect and the services they provide.

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