Logos & Branding

Based in Cumbria with a strong client base in Teesside & North Yorkshire and prepared to
work online with individuals or companies anywhere in the World.

Developing a brand for a company, individual or product is one of my favourite things to do

I love branding… I like logos, badges and the imagery that goes with a good brand. I’m not just talking about the high end brands, that have the ability to make you spend twice as much or more, because of the perceived value or the elitist nature of a brand. I like all brands: vintage, modern, budget, hi-tec or luxury.

I like the fact that by just using a few shapes and some text you can create something that is both immediately recognisable and conveys physical emotions to the viewer.

the evolution of a brand is just as important and a good designer can evolve your brand so it remains current by applying subtle changes to shape, colour or the use of brand assets.

Developing a brand

Prior to starting the design process you need to think about what your brand is going to communicate about you and your products or services. The following is two lists of brand elements the first is fairly obvious the second is less obvious but just a persuasive to your customers.

The obvious elements of your brand

  • Logo
  • Business stationery
  • Online presence
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Staff uniforms

Less obvious elements of your brand

  • Customer experience
  • Vehicles types
  • Packaging
  • Staff behaviour
  • Where and how you advertise

Your brand is more than just your logo, although usually this becomes the most obvious element of your brand and often a good place to start.

Is your logo looking tired, does it look different depending on where it appears?

It could just need redrawing into a format that will look good wherever it appears. It might seem a bit daunting and possibly expensive, but you don’t have to update everything your logo appears on at the same time we just need to set some rules in place so every time you use your brand going forward it tightens everything together.

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