Illustration & Graphics

Based in Cumbria with a strong client base in Teesside & North Yorkshire and prepared to
work online with individuals or companies anywhere in the World.

The illustrations and graphics I produce combine traditional drawing and digital techniques to achieve the desired result. The illustrations are suitable for both digital and print based media and can be applied to almost any material making them suitable for art prints or for clothing.

Custom illustrations for infographics and social media content

Infographics typically return a much greater engagement than text and images alone. The combination of an illustration with excerpts of text adding specific information, is easier to absorb and retain. Most of us will be familier with Infographics, if you just think about a child’s picture book!

Stock images and video

I have access to a number of stock Image and video libraries that offer an affordable alternative to custom graphics. I can even combine existing graphics with original artwork to achieve the desired results.

Make sure your marketing material complies with copyright

I have had clients who have had to pay significant fines that far outweigh the cost of either custom or stock artwork because they have ‘found’ a nice image on Google and have chosen to use it without obtaining the appropriate copyright.

Companies can trawl the internet electronically looking for images that are being misused and when they find them they will issue a fine notice which they will follow up on legally.

If you are looking for images, illustrations or graphics for any type of publication, please feel free to reach out either by phone to 07809 675580 or by email to