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Electric vehicle trips for business, weddings and greener living Choose between our luxurious Tesla S or the game changing Nissan Leaf electric car for your next trip. Whether you are concerned about environmental issues, you want to experience the luxury and performance of a Tesla or you just want to […]

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I designed this site for an existing customer, who was looking to launch a new business. My brief was to help him develop a brand, design a logo and build a website to promote his professional driver, chauffeur service.

The unique element of this business is that he will only be using fully electric vehicles.

He currently operates two vehicles, a Nissan Leaf which is ideal for shorter trips around the Teesside area which will provide a cost effective solution to both public transport, taxis and Uber. The second vehicle is something a bit special, a Tesla S, which was purchased to provide luxury executive travel and transport for special occasions.

The Tesla S makes a fantastic luxury hire vehicle; it has a 250 mile range and can be recharged within 90% of capacity in 20 minutes, about the same time it would take for a comfort stop and refuel in a ‘traditional’ car.

DC Chauffeur are looking for regular executive transport work either in or out of the North East of the UK including airport trips to Newcastle, Leeds Bradford or other transport hubs.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride in a Tesla? Stephen (DC Chauffeur) offers a Tesla Experience. He will collect you and take you for a drive so you can experience a choice of driving styles either town, country or open roads. You will feel for yourself just how different this car is from what you are used to! Not only is it quiet but it is so smooth, the vibrations and rattles you get from an internal combustion engine just aren’t there.

I digress, I’m supposed to be promoting my website services, but as you can probably tell, I’ve been on the ‘Tesla Experience’ with DC Chauffeur and I’m enthusing about his services instead of my own!

If you want to know more about my web design, branding or graphic design services please feel free to give me a call on 07809 675500 or email info@kevinmccourt.co.uk.

If you want to know what it feels like to ride in an electric car the contact Steve at DC Chauffeur.


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