Consultancy & Support

Based in Cumbria with a strong client base in Teesside & North Yorkshire and prepared to
work online with individuals or companies anywhere in the World.

Consultancy & Support covers a broad range of services I provide for my clients, which is more often than not, a complimentary service in support of other services I already provide.

Below are a couple of examples of free Consultancy & Support

A client who I provide email to calls me up, asking me about a suspicious email they’ve received, I can usually put their minds at ease over the phone and advise how they should deal with it to reduce the chances of getting a similar email in the future – That’s support and it would be free.

Another company might call me up to ask me about an advert or promotion they have been offered, I’ll look at the offer and outline any advantages or disadvantsages to the customer – That’s consultancy and it would be free.

Examples of paid for Consultancy & Support

A client tells me they want to increase their exposure online. I put together a marketing strategy which consists of launching their brand on a number of social media platforms with a series of posts that will engage with viewers to like and share. I can either deliver the campaign on behalf of the client or work alongside the client to train and support them deliver the campaign. – This would be Consultancy & Support and would be a paid for service.

A client has problems with their email service, (which I provide), they have been blacklisted because they have been sending mass unsolicited emails. I work with the email providers to remove the blacklisting and suggest how they are able to achieve similar results without being penalised going forward. – This would be Support and would be a paid for service.

I am able to provide my clients with a high level of support and if I don’t know the answer, I usually know someone who does.

Most of the companies I work with are small to medium sized companies and sole traders, who know their own businesses, but might not have the same confidence in design, marketing and IT. Have a look at my reviews at the bottom of this page.

Sounds good what’s next

Initially we have a chat, I will try to learn as much about you and your business, the things that work well and the things that may be challenging, plus any goals or projects that you might have going forward.

We might talk about what marketing materials you already have, whether they adhere to any brand guidelines and how to best make sure your business presents itself in the best light going forward.

These initial consultations, also give you the chance to find out a bit about me and whether you think we could work together. If you would like to arrange a meeting call Kevin on 07809 675580 or email