About Me

I've always believed;

"What other people say about you, counts more, than what you say about yourself!"

With this in mind, I'll be inviting my existing customers to make some comments on this page.

Fair to say, I'm fairly confident about what they'll say, I consider customer satisfaction to be my primary goal for any service I provide.

I started working as a creative professional in 1995 after graduating from Teesside University with a BA Hons. degree in Industrial Design & Marketing. My first commercial work was as a freelancer designing, developing branding for the Teesside Universities student union bars 'Union Central' and 'Above & Beyond'. This led to a short contract working for I.B. Publishing who produced village 'ad mags' and 'Daze' magazine which was targeted at Teesside's student population.

My first 'real' job was for Middlesbrough College working from their Kirby site on Roman road, a stone's throw from The Linthorpe pub, which was a distinct advantage at the time! My responsibilities included the design of course information leaflets, posters and promotional material, some technical multimedia duties and possibly my favourite part of the job taking 'before and after' photographs of the models who volunteered themselves to the colleges hair and beauty department. It was during my time at Middlesbrough college that I became aware of the emerging internet and during times when work was slow a few of us started teaching ourselves html using text editors on windows 3.1. It was all very basic compared with what can be done on todays internet but with the help of Geocities, we got to grips with flashing text, hyperlinks and frame layouts.

After 3 years at Middlesbrough College, some fantastic memories and friends (which still accept my calls to date), I moved on to The Northern Echo at Darlington where I was to be their first ever web designer!

I remember how excited I was to be joining a newspaper company, although at times I did feel like a frenchman in Hartlepool. New Media Designer was my job title and I was terribly proud to be joining a team employed to integrate this 'new media' into such a traditional environment.

I learned a lot about working and the 'work environment' at the Northern Echo, including the skills to develop successful relationships with both colleagues and clients. I believe I took the slightly longer, harder route to learn these skills however I think it was worth while and it's often better to make mistakes early on so they can be avoided in the future!

Middlesbrough College was a crèche in comparison, full of friendly smiley faces! The Echo on the other hand, as I remember it, split between floors for editorial, advertising and production. Each with their own tasks, their own team and their own misgivings of each other. All of which were suspended twice a week at lunchtime when we would decamp to the Dolphin Centre for a game of five a side.

I left The Northern Echo after a decision was made that the 'new media' team were now redundant, I can't deny it was a huge relief, as I burst out laughing when given the news. Having felt like I was given a fresh piece of paper on which to make my mark, I did endeavour to make the same mistake again by interviewing with another newspaper company, albeit at a much higher level. Thankfully fate intervened and I missed out on the position, instead getting the offer of a short term contract to fill in until the successful applicant could take their position. The ensuing period working with another media company confirmed my metric shaped cog didn't fit well into an imperial gauge machine.

Whilst trying to decide what to do next, I had a few offers of freelance work from customers I'd worked for at the Northern Echo.

Alongside some regular work from a local advertising agent, It appears I had started working for myself!

Delighted with the work Kevin has done for me

Very delighted with the work Kevin has done for me, excellent service. He is willing to go the extra mile and always in contact throughout the process. I highly recommend Kevin McCourt Creative Services. Thank you very much Kevin.

Andrew John

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